The Riesling winery

Come for the wine tasting, you are cordially invited!

In the steep slate slopes of the Moselle in Ürzig and earth are our vineyards. For generations of us is only the Riesling grape, whickeller02h is considered the "Queen of Vines," grown here. It produces very fine fruity and spicy wines that are appreciated all over the world because of its unique quality.

Due to the expansion of our traditional wines in oak barrels for years and  our philosophy practiced "quality not quantity", we guarantee you  particularly wholesome Riesling wines and sparkling wines of high  quality.

We can also arrange a wine tasting for a larger group or association and to serve on request typical Moselle food.

Cellar tour and wine tasting
per person 10, - €

Cellar visit
with wine tasting and food
per person 16, - €
(By appointment only from 8 persons)

For wine order please contact us on telephone
+49 6532 / 2153



Are you interested in Mosel wine ?
Call: 06532-2153-we will advise you-or send us an e-mail: info@weingut-gerlach.de

This Writes Dr. med. Hans-Peter legal about us:
Vineyard / guest house "Walter Gerlach" (Ürzig / Mosel) - an excellent company on a box seat

The so-called "Middle Mosel" is considered by many visitors often  considered the most beautiful region of this beautiful river landscape. This is certainly due to the variety of natural conditions and development of their villages. Those facts gave a dominant character. The people in the communities living there exude the warmth and hospitality, feel that millions of vacationers every year. Many hotels, inns, wineries and other tourist facilities can come up with many positive surprises.
Ürzig is one of the most famous towns in the Mosel wine region. The Medieval town center with its half-timbered houses as always attracts visitors from all over the world. The oldest sundial in the Moselle valley of unique rock game is practically a feature. It was also the main location for the popular TV series "Moselbrück", with magnificent event site on the Moselle. Beautiful panorama and adventure trails are to be found. It is the highest proportion of steep slopes in Germany, where about 99% Riesling is grown. Who does not know the Ürziger Würzgarten and other wines?. There are some nice hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and wine stores. Especially the people here are so gracious and courteous to strangers
The winery / guest house "Walter Gerlach" is an operation which you should remember. It is not only the noble Vinum the one everyone can buy there. Especially the very friendly atmosphere at the reception is crucial. The lovely host pair Karl-Heinz and Birgit Schömann has sufficient  expertise, great passion for work and tremendous creativity. Their rooms / apartments are cozy, comfortable and rustic. The noble wines are absolute top. I could teach the high quality and performance of selections myself. My recommendation is fully given. This is a fair price-performance ratio. Representing the selection, are only briefly mentioned: Ürziger Würzgarten-dry  Spätlese, Ürziger Würzgarten Spätlese 2009 and 2010 Ürziger Würzgarten  115 Oechsle - everything a poem.

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